"TEACHERS" star Raquel Cassidy has quit school to join the army.

The Fleet actress plays Special Investigations Branch Staff Sergeant Neve Kirland in the new series "Redcap" which has started on BBC One starring ex Eastender Tamsin Outhwaite.

The opening episode was set in Germany but much of the series was shot in and around Aldershot.

Raquel researched her part by linking up with the local provost company and joining them at work.

The six part drama, which follows a highly rated pilot show, focuses on the Army's elite SIB.

Raquel received critical acclaim for her part as sensible Susan Gately, foil to Andrew Lincoln's Simon, in 18 episodes of "Teachers" which achieved cult status on Channel 4.

BBC viewers can be excused for thinking they are seeing double this week when she also appears, as a guest star, in "Trust", a new series about a high flying city law firm with Robson Green in the lead role.