I AM writing to you with regard to the feature in your paper on October 18 concerning the tragic accident at Ravenswood Village, where a seriously disabled resident died by drowning in the bath.

As your readers may know, the village was set up nearly 50 years ago to care for children and adults suffering from severe degrees of what was then described as ‘mental handicap' and now as ‘learning disability'.

The reason I am writing is that my own daughter has lived at Ravenswood for some 30 years following a serious brain operation as a child.

During all this time she has received the most devoted care, education and development from professional and care staff employed at the village, many of whom are people from your local area.

It is not easy to look after adults who are as severely disabled as Jeremy Corby was. Nobody is perfect, and it is possible that errors were made on this particular occasion.

However I am quite sure that nothing as serious has ever occurred during the many years that I have been connected with Ravenswood.

Your readers can be proud of the excellent work being done there and, equally, of those people who are so committed to doing it.

Victor Dembo, Clehwood Gardens, Kew.