Abandoned cars in Aldershot roads are giving Aldershot a bad name, according to one resident.

In Church Lane West Mrs Margaret Stratton said an untaxed Ford Fiesta dumped outside her home had been there for at least 10 days.

It was left mainly on the pavement, so that mums with pushchairs could not walk past, and had to go out into the road.

Another car was left abandoned further up the road near Cargate Avenue and has had a red notice on it for weeks, she said.

Altogether there were four abandoned cars in her road.

"Nothing seems to be done for weeks and weeks, other than putting a police notice on them," she said.

She called for a change in the law to make sure that abandoned cars are removed promptly, especially if they cause an obstruction.

"This is the sort of thing that gives Aldershot a bad name," she said, "so that it seems like a sort of grotty Army town that people don't want to live in."