Residents are "fighting back" against parking problems caused by students at a nearby college.

Rebecca Price, 34, of Sedgemoor in Farnborough, has lived in the road for around 10 years and said in the last year, residents have experienced "major issues" with students from The Sixth Form College Farnborough, in Prospect Avenue, parking in their road.

She said: “We struggle with severe parking issues down our road with the college students and they park nose-to-tail all the way down the road because at the moment it’s the only non-permit road.

“They cover walkways and park on bends. The other day someone moved my bins out the way and stuffed their car in my space and I came back to find I had nowhere to park.”

She also claimed residents received “abuse”, adding: “They swear at us when we ask them to move.”

One resident put up a notice in the road to try and prevent students parking at the side of her house, however, Mrs Price said it was pulled down and thrown on the floor.

Sedgemoor residents submitted a petition calling for a review into parking arrangements to Rushmoor Borough Council last week. It was signed by all 25 households.

Sedgemoor residents have put up polite signs
Sedgemoor residents have put up polite signs

Students have to display a permit to park on the campus or in some nearby roads, with the exception of Sedgemoor.

Mrs Price said: “We’re trying to fight back against the parking scheme, we’re not saying no to students completely, we just want to limit the spaces they can have.”

John Trusler, from the council’s traffic management group, said there have been issues with student parking for years. A permit scheme was implemented for the roads around the college in 2010 but Sedgemoor was not included.

Mr Trusler said: “We have had contact from residents with regard to a growing number of students parking in Sedgemoor. We were aware we already had a college parking programme for the year so we had a brief consultation as to whether they would now like to be part of the scheme, however, there wasn’t a clear majority.

“We continued to see a growth in the level of students parking in Sedgemoor and continued to get contact from residents in the road.

“Residents have subsequently raised concerns with the parking proposal, feeling it is detrimental, and we have agreed we will go back and review that in conjunction with residents to see if we can find a solution.”

Simon Jarvis, principal of The Sixth Form College Farnborough, said the college has actively encouraged students to use public transport and has worked with the council to ensure students park safely and responsibly.

He said: “All students are aware of the parking arrangements, as are their parents.

“Unfortunately, there are a small minority who park their cars outside the allocated areas, but do so quite legally.”