Independent Hart councillor Denis Gotel has compiled a damning report on the chicanes in Elvetham Road, Fleet, after asking residents for their views.

Now he is calling on Hampshire County Council for a radical rethink of the under-fire scheme.

Cllr Gotel took two weeks to produce the 21-page report after posting 400 questionnaires to people living close to Elvetham Road.

He states that many drivers using Elvetham Road were soon "taken aback in dismay" when the traffic calming scheme was introduced earlier this year.

"Over the six months or so that the measures have been in place, and following a number of incidents where motorists have driven into the build-outs, this disquiet has turned into a more vociferous outcry for the total abandonment of the scheme," he states.

"The overall findings clearly show that there is a widely felt gross disenchantment with the scheme.

"Some 70% of respondents believe it has failed in its primary traffic calming aim and nearly 80% call for the total removal of the obstructions.

"Less than 10% of respondents support the retention of the present scheme."

Mr Gotel said residents do not like the traffic calming scheme because it causes traffic to move on to the wrong side of the road, the chicanes are badly placed and the priority and give way signs are confusing.

"The overall view is that the present scheme brings out the worst possible driving characteristics in motorists and the potential for accidents is manifest," states Mr Gotel's report.

"The combination of a badly designed scheme and the evident frustration and irritation of road users is viewed as a lethal cocktail."

The report adds: "The present scheme is considered potentially so dangerous in places that unless certain build-outs are removed before the onset of autumn there remains a serious risk of an accident occurring."

Of the 400 questionnaires Mr Gotel posted to households in the Elvetham Road area, 216 were returned completed.

Only a handful of people said they were impressed with the new traffic calming scheme because there are now fewer cars and heavy lorries using the road and the traffic has slowed down considerably.

Supporters of the scheme also say it has driven away the people who use Elvetham Road and Knoll Road as a rat run.

But scores of residents slammed the scheme, saying it has turned a quiet back road into a driving nightmare.

They say it has resulted in angry horn blowing, radios blaring, tyres screeching and engines revving.

They warn the impatience of some drivers will lead to a head-on crash and say the space between some of the chicanes is dangerously short.

Cars are regularly seen playing ‘cat and mouse' to see who can reach and pass the next island first.

They add that motorists now travel faster along Elvetham Road to make up lost time and many residents admitted they now use the main Fleet Road more to avoid the chicanes.

Residents say drivers who are not frequent users, particularly the elderly, do not understand the signs, and the scheme has resulted in a number of road rage incidents.

One Elvetham Road resident said his wife stopped at a give way barrier and three cars came from behind and overtook her.

An Elvetham Place resident added: "Young people play on the islands, cars brake as they halt suddenly. Someone is going to get killed if the obstructions are not removed."

Another resident said: "I think someone needs to be brave enough to admit that a mistake has been made and action needs to be taken before there is a serious accident."

Mr Gotel was meeting Hampshire County Council officers to discuss his findings as the News went to press.

"I thank all those residents who took the time to fill in the survey questionnaire," he said.

"Copies of the report have been placed in Fleet Library and I will be glad to receive further comments from residents after reading the report."