Bracknell Forest Borough Council's planning and highways committee meeting in July could see the speed limit on New Wokingham Road reduced from 40mph to 30mph following a decade of pressure from homeowners and councillors.

Nicola Blakemore, of New Wokingham Road, has been at the forefront of the fight for the last year and organised a petition signed by more than 100 neighbours.

She said: "I started my own campaign last August when my little boy first started school. I walk with him along New Wokingham Road and the cars and lorries just zoom past.

"I worry for his safety and all the other children who walk to school, as it is the main route to Oaklands Infant and Junior schools."

Mrs Blakemore, who collected signatures from nearly everyone along New Wokingham Road, said: "My main concern is that people driving down the road can't see what the problem is.

"Last October, I asked the committee chairman and the technical adviser to come down and walk my little boy to school with me so they could see for themselves and they were really shocked.

"During their visit a lollypop lady was nearly run down.

"We have a lot of support from councillors, including Cllr Pauline Hellier-Symons, who has been pushing for a speed limit reduction ever since a boy was killed crossing the road 10 years ago.

"We are hopeful the committee will finally listen to our fears and take action, but it will cost a lot of money and political issues could get in the way.

"If they don't agree to change the speed limit at the meeting we will continue our petition and get parents of children at the schools to sign as well.

"We will keep up the fight until the speed limit is reduced.

"It is not about the noise —

I just feel so outraged when you see adverts on television stating that driving faster than 30mph could result in a death if you hit someone.

"Whenever you go down the road at the start and finish of school you always see over a hundred parents and children walking on the pavement.

"I know in my heart someone else will inevitably get killed if nothing is done."

Cllr Jim Finnie, a member of Crowthorne Parish Council and Bracknell Forest Borough planning and highways committee, said: "I will have to read up on all the pros and cons but in the interests of public safety it certainly sounds like an idea which should be supported."

Last week Wokingham District Council formally proposed that the speed limit on the road be lowered to

30mph and called for comments to be sent before Wednesday, June 11.

The matter is due to

be decided at Bracknell Forest Borough Council's planning and highways committee meeting on Thursday, July 24.