Despite news that Farnborough has given developers the green light, some of the retailers are giving up.

In a press release Peter Newman, secretary of Kingsmead Retailers' Assn, says that the retailers' response to the council's outline planning consent to developers has been to close down their stores and leave town.

"Those with the closing down notices already displayed will be joined by others hoping to survive until the new year," he says.

He adds that the boarded up units in Queensmead are being relet, which may be an indication that there could be another four years to wait before any action takes place. "Unfortunately, struggling shops can't wait that long," he says.

"If Farnborough ever gets built, it is already out of date and effectively reduces the shopping centre by over 50%, making it nothing more than two major supermarkets in competition with each other and car parking at the expense of people's homes and secondary shopping."