The freak deluge in Blackbird Close, College Town, happened at around 8.30pm last Wednesday following a torrential downpour.

Residents were faced with flooded homes and gardens as water drains and a sewer overflowed, transforming the road into a river.

The flooding has left residents Sarah and Mark Day with a ruined carpet, curtains and three-piece-suite after a foot of water poured into their living room.

Mrs Day said: "The house was flooded with raw sewage — it was awful and it stunk. Not only is it a health hazard but it's ruined our curtains and carpet.

"It flooded the whole close — it was shocking."

Neighbour Karen Kettle is trying to repair the damage done to her newly lain garden and rockery.

She said: "When we lifted the fence dividing our garden and next door's it was like opening a floodgate. It flooded the bark we had put down in our garden six weeks ago and now it's all out in the road. The flowers cost us around £200 alone.

"I've never seen anything like it before."

Thames Water spokesman Hilary Bennett confirmed the flooding was caused by debris and leaves blocking drains.

She said: "Additional flooding was caused by the sewer itself overflowing. We are organising a clear-up of the area. Normally it would have been done by now but we have been exceptionally busy and our resources have been stretched."

The flooding comes just three weeks after neighbouring Sandhurst School announced its successful Greenway Project — a scheme designed to drain the persistently sodden playing field.

Residents now fear the project may have resulted in directing the flooding in their direction.

But project co-ordinator Helen Tranter, head of open spaces, countryside and heritage, at Bracknell Forest Borough Council, said: "If anything, the Greenway Project would have taken water away more quickly as we have put in additional drainage."

l The borough council's Forestcare received more than 60 emergency calls last Wednesday due to flooding.

Owlsmoor and Crowthorne were among the worst affected areas, while in Winkfield a tornado destroyed a barn.

Emergency grounds maintenance staff dealt with fallen trees and debris while electricians, plumbers and tradesmen from the council's Bracknell Forest Services attended tenants who were experiencing problems.

as a result of the storm.