The country that was Great Britain is being torn apart at a rapid rate. Eight "regional assemblies" are planned, with paid representatives, tax raising powers and multi million pound budgets, to join those in Scotland and Wales.

They won't have much real power - most of that long since went to Brussels. But they'll spend lots of our money and wrap still more red tape round our lives.

A wonderful illustration from my favourite cartoonist, the Telegraph's Matt, had two hikers looking out over the countryside. Says one: "From up here you can see five different layers of government."

The fact that this gem comes from the stagnant brain of our deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, says all you need to know. His dream would become the taxpayers' nightmare as do not doubt that these assemblies, already programmed into the Euro-scheme, will consume much wealth. Like housing associations, they'll go for overpaid chief executives, marble foyers with potted palms and glittering offices, as already exist in Guildford at the Regional Development Agency.

Just in case you think your vote will change anything, I can reveal that the plan for this was made years ago. That's why, in this area, our postcodes start with GUI. That stands for Guildford, long earmarked as the seat of government for this region.

Already County Councils are fighting for their lives. I have often criticised them for wastefulness and being remote from voters. However, they do at least have a historic relevance and you can, just about, influence policy by contacting your local councillor.

Your representative in the "regions" will be about as influential as the make-believe members of the European Parliament, who are there to put a veneer of democracy over what is something far more sinister.

Did you know that the UK pays £11 billion a year to the EU, which is why there is insufficient left for hospitals, roads and defence?

Did you also know that European road maps show Britain's roads with the European "E" prefix. The M1, for example, becomes E13. The E34 runs from Cork to Moscow via the A40.

As we glide seamlessly into the Euro zone, preceeded by a barrage of spurious and lying propaganda, say farewell to your last freedoms, for a single Government for Europe, with puppet national governments, has also long been taken for granted.

You thought we only entered into a trading agreement? Just because politicians said that's what it was? You are naïve, aren't you?

FACT: The EU Commission, which runs Europe, is not elected, but is a group of civil servants.

Romano Prodi, recently in Britain lecturing us on foreign affairs, is just a jumped up town clerk. Nobody voted him into his eminent office as EU President. So loved was he when in office in Italy that long suffering locals dubbed him "the greasy sausage." He plans to bring in "Corpus Juris" - the Napoleonic Law- and end trial by jury which has served Britain well for 1000 years.

Britain has the fourth largest economy in the world. We are strong, international traders. We don't need to be suffocated in a new Europe seemingly modelled on the USSR.

From the fearsome future to the pleasant past.

Readers who want a taste of old England before it disappears and the EU bans the WI from selling jam should go along to the WI hut in Hartley Wintney on Friday mornings.

There they have a market, full of jolly ladies selling home made produce like cakes and pies (I'm a pastry enthusiast, but not normally allowed it), jams, Hampshire honey etc.

There are sturdy home-grown plants, free range eggs and cups of tea and biscuits to be had, in a pleasant atmosphere in a delightful old hall, built of wood in a way that would certainly not be permitted today, but which is cheap and cheerful and serves its purpose.

I like their slogan: "For home and country." Support them. It'll take you back in time and be most enjoyable.

Their hut, under the oaks of the village green at Hartley Wintney, opens at 9am on the first Friday of June, July and August, otherwise every Friday at 10am. The market finishes around 11 am.

And finally…..frogs! Or rather, wannabee frogs, also known as tadpoles.

I have a super-abundance of them, in a tiny pond, so need to offload thousands of them quickly. Readers with suitable, fish free ponds (fish regard tads as snacks) should call Georgina in editorial on 316311 and we'll arrange a pond scoop date.