Cars were offered a rare invitation on to Rushmoor Fire Station's forecourt this weekend to help raise money for charity.

Firefighters from the station held the car wash on Saturday (March 20) to raise money for The Firefighter Charity.

The charity assists serving and retired firefighters and their dependents, whether injured, ill or in need of psychological support to come to terms with the life and death situations they face on a daily basis.

Watch manager Duncan Foster said: "It went really well. We started at 10am and there were a lot of people waiting when we opened the gate.

"We were busy and didn't stop until 4pm and raised £950 with gift aid which will take us up to about £1,150 all for the firefighters charity.

"Green watch were on duty and Hampshire Fire & Rescue volunteers came in as well and helped the on-call section.

"The Farnborough police even came down and took some pictures and we had a bit of banter with them."

He continued: "Tony Fresko Ice Cream also came down and gave the crew some ice cream to keep them going which was nice and we actually had a lot of people bring down cake which was really nice of them."

Rick Horton and Emma Brown at the charity car wash

The event wasn't just about raising money for charity, as the fire station took advantage of the opportunity to highlight some of its current campaigns to members of the community.

Mr Foster added: "We also managed to to promote our road awareness campaigns, informing people people the importance of wearing a seatbelt and the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving.

"It's one day when we're happy to to see cars parked on the forecourt, but everyone that came down was aware of the I Need My Space campaign to leave our vehicles room to get in and out of the station.

"It was a really good day and we will be holding more throughout the year. March is the Firefighters Charity's national car wash month and we're really happy to have supported it."