Farnborough and Aldershot have been ranked in the top 10 towns in the UK for extra-marital affairs, according to data from a specialist dating website.

Farnborough was named the third worst town while Aldershot came in eighth.

A new app, the UK Infidelity Index from

, displays membership statistics and allows internet users to search how many people are signed up from their town.

More than 850,000 people across the country are signed up to the site, the country's largest extra-marital dating website, which allows married people to indulge in romance outside of their current relationship.

The statistics showed that 1,008 people were signed up from Farnborough out of a population of 65,034 (around 1.55%). Aldershot had 776 people signed up out of a possible 57,211 (around 1.35%).

Maidenhead topped the list as the cheating capital of the UK.

The website made its findings by compiling its membership data across 140 UK towns with a population of above 50,000. And it prides itself on specialising in 'creating a non-judgemental, no-pressure environment' for members.

In the News & Mail area, statistics show that 684 of the website's users were from Ash Vale, 616 were from Camberley and 420 were from Farnham.

However, just 335 of the members were from Fleet, and Yateley was proven to have the least amount of extra-marital affairs, with just 196 residents signed up.