SANDHURST Town Council is to take legal advice about covenants on the Memorial Park to see if buildings erected there are legal. And senior councillor Paul Bettison has warned that they could find that they have to be demolished!

When the council met in November around 75 members of the public attacked plans to close the Coffee Spot and to build a UB 40 drop in centre. Coffee Spot supporter Tony Glossop said the covenants donated the Memorial Park to the people of Sandhurst for recreational purposes only.

At Thursday's meeting Mr Glossop asked if anything had been done. Coun. Bettison moved that the council take legal advice to find out once and for all what the legal situation was -"it may be that all those buildings will have to go."

Coun. John Mason said that the legal advice could cost £8-10,000. There was a risk that the buildings would have to come down but he hoped that things could be resolved in a sensible way.

Deputy Mayor Coun. Audrey Shephard told members; "The thought of pulling down buildings is ridiculous. I hope that common sense between the public and the council will see that it never gets to that stage."

Coun. Bettison hoped that the descendants of the people who drew up the original covenants would be as fair to the people of Sandhurst as they had been.

"The risk is minimal but the council cannot allow itself to be open to allegations that it's doing something improperly," he declared.