BRACKNELL Forest Council Leader Paul Bettison hit out at the revived Sandhurst Carnival after Saturday's parade which he said saw the town's main street closed so that just one float could pass through!

Coun. Bettison told the Star: "They had ten policemen on duty for that one vehicle -which is probably more than they would have for Tony Blair.

"Can you imagine what the residents would have said if we had closed the road for one lorry?"

But Robbie Robinson, who organised the carnival after a three year gap, denied that there had been only one vehicle and said the police had been very happy with the procession. He said there had also been pushchairs, pedal cars and a support car.

"I am not impressed with Coun. Bettison," he continued. "I think he is a complete twerp. Why does he not offer to run it next year?"

Mr Robinson agreed the parade was small but said it would be bigger next year.

"Where was the town council's float?" the former councillor asked. "There always used to be one but they are too lazy to do anything. To then come out and criticise what we have done is a bit off."