The unsung heroes of Sandhurst were feted at a ceremony to award community work.

Those honoured included a lady who always carries a bag with her to pick up litter and a man who never passes people waiting at bus stops without offering them a lift.

Others work behind the scenes to keep local sports alive and to organise town functions.

Mayor Peter North hosted the civic reception attended by 150 community volunteers.

The nine winners of the Sandhurst Community Award were: Fred Grove, Audrey Brown, Lee Gibbs, Val Crosby-Clarke, Ray Clark, Peter Morris, Colin and Jill Homewood of Trilakes, Sandra King and the Sandhurst Silver Band.

The Mayor said that Mr Grove devoted himself to the care of others, including visiting the sick, driving people to hospital, shopping for others and driving to Bracknell to pay bills for housebound people - all despite his own disabilities.

Audrey Brown worked with the Red Cross for many years, training cadets and doing first aid duty.

Mrs Gibbs always carried a bag on her walks to collect street litter and over many years, it added up to a vast amount.

Mrs Crosby-Clarke was said to be a tireless stalwart of Sandhurst Residents' Association "totally dedicated to the well being and sanity of Sandhurst."

Mr Clark had been a player and committee member of the town football club for 25 years and was "a foundation stone on which the club was built."

Mr Morris had given exceptional services to the town boys' and girls' football club, masterminding policy and setting up a development committee.

Colin and Jill Homewood had organised carnivals, shows, fishing matches and much else, all for local causes, and had been stalwarts of the residents' association for years.

Mrs King was acknowledged for exceptional services including the organising of discos, tea dances and a barn dance as well as fund-raising for schools.

Finally, for exceptional services to music, the Sandhurst Silver Band was honoured, with their musical director, Roger Burke, collecting the award on their behalf.

An award for outstanding achievement went to the Tug of War Club, which last year won both the European and World gold medals - the only such club to hold both medals at once. "They carry the name of Sandhurst across the world," said Coun North.

The Mayor said he was amazed at the extent of voluntary work. "Some have invested over 30 years of voluntary commitment to Sandhurst or have raised many thousands of pounds for worthy causes."

"Sandhurst is a wonderful town to live in and this is in no small part thanks to these people and the many like them who invest something of themselves back into their community."

And he told the assembled volunteers: "You are the glue that holds our community together."