STUDENTS at Farnborough Hill school were treated to an inspirational visit last week.

Sandi Toksvig, a Danish-born writer, broadcaster, comedian, actress and producer, visited the school in Farnborough Road on February 4.

She started her day with the Year 11 students, engaging them in discussions on the global inequality of women, and was later interviewed by Year 9 and sixth form students.

She was questioned on a range of subjects, including how her career began and her views on the perceived male-domination of the media.

Sandi, 55, the comic presenter of BBC 4's News Quiz, explained to students how she had originally trained to be a human rights lawyer and said she was privileged to have a lot of successful and motivated female friends.

When asked what advice she would give to students to help promote women's rights, she said she would encourage young women to try to incorporate feminism into their everyday lives and to constantly look outwards in their efforts to improve the views of women worldwide.

A spokesperson for Farnborough Hill said: "Sandi challenged the girls to consider how they could focus their thinking about feminist issues.

"She encouraged them to believe that anything is possible, given the determination to achieve."