IF you are a London commuter who has to pay Red Ken's £5 congestion charge each day, this could save you money.

Pictured outside Trader's antique shop in Grosvenor Road, Aldershot, is a newly refurbished Sinclair C5 that owner Adam Carver reckons could be taken up to London each day by van.

"You park outside the charging zone and then drive in - it can easily be parked in an office foyer," says 38-year-old Adam, from Southmead Road, Aldershot.

He found the vehicle derelict and neglected at the bottom of a garden in mid-Hampshire. After a complete overhaul, new battery and replacement stickers, the 20-year-old Sir Clive Sinclair invention is said to be as good as new.

"You would have to be seriously mental to want to commute all the way in this," says Adam. "But it would be ideal for the last couple of miles."

Sir Clive is currently working on a new version, but the originals are classed as cycles and need no tax, insurance or MOT. They have a top speed of 15 mph and when you are going uphill you have to pedal like Fred Flintstone in his car!

Paul Burns of Traders is handling the sale at £650. He says: "I am a great believer in less pollution -we had an electric bike not long ago and that was quickly snapped up."