I WAS wondering if residents in the wider local area are aware of the proposed changes by Railtrack plc to Farnborough Main railway station approach; to build yet another large office block, multi-storey car park and housing on existing car parks. These plans have already been submitted for planning permission to Rushmoor Borough Council.

Because of the direct train service to Waterloo, Farnborough is used by commuters from the surrounding area either parking or being dropped-off/picked up. This already causes long tailbacks at peak times, especially at the railway tunnel at the junction of Union Street and Prospect Road, which is single file and already controlled by four-way traffic lights.

It would seem to me that with the development of the airfield and Southwood etc there are enough large office complexes available without yet another here in the residential heart of Farnborough which is continually being squeezed by developers. Very soon we will become a building site — when the redevelopment of the town centre begins, then the Solartron site, then the station development.

Where will commuters park during all this? Would it not be more appropriate for Railtrack plc to look to track improvements first?

Mrs GM Wood, Union Street, Farnborough.