A SCHOOL bus service at Cove may reach the end of the road after only one term, unless more pupils use it.

The organisers have written to parents urging them to use the bus instead of their cars to transport their children to and from school each day.

Initially 120 youngsters were signed up for the service which runs from Southwood to several Cove schools.

But when the bus took to the road only 30 children were committed to using it at a cost of £1-a-day.

Karen Robinson, the organising committee's spokeswoman, said: "Although the initial uptake has been low, the service has proved very successful."

But unless at least another 60 children signed up, the service would end early this year because of a lack of funds.

Lyn Downes, committee chairman, is trying to persuade parents to see the positive aspects of reducing the number of cars doing the school run in the morning rush hour.

She said it cut the risk of pedestrian accidents outside schools, reduced pollution and helped children to enjoy a degree of independence.

"Parents can also save an hour of each day by not doing the school run," she added.

The service was launched with a £10,000 grant from Rushmoor Council in conjunction with its school transport plan. Efforts are now being made to find businesses to sponsor the bus.