Troops at Aldershot Garrison prepared for an audience with the Queen last week by holding a full dress rehearsal.

Guardsmen from the 1st Battalion and F Company of the Scots Guards will be presented with new regimental colours by the Queen at Buckingham Palace on Thursday (May 18).

Drill training and several practice rehearsals have been taking place since last month to ensure the battalion makes the best impression on the day.

Soldiers rehearsed a crucial part of the ceremony on Friday with the regimental lieutenant colonel’s inspection – to validate that they are ready for the prestigious honour.

Around 250 troops from the battalion in full service dress, plus another 60 from F Company in scarlet tunics and bearskins, formed up on the parade square at Aldershot 's Mons Barracks.

Led by the Regimental Band and Pipes and Drums of the Scots Guards, they marched through the main gates to the garrison sports fields for the inspection by Brigadier Harry Nickerson.

This was practised to replicate the grass of the Buckingham Palace gardens, on which they will perform the actual ceremony.