THREE Scouts from Fleet have enjoyed an adventure of a lifetime at the World Jamboree in Thailand.

David Sutherland, Thomas Biffin and Mark Roberts were among more than 3,000 other British Scouts to make the 13-hour flight to Bangkok via Tokyo.

With temperatures soaring into the mid-40s, they celebrated Christmas with the help of about 2,000 American and Canadian Scouts.

The Fleet Scouts also received a surprise Christmas stocking filled by their parents and ‘smuggled’ out by their Scout leaders.

The jamboree really began as the Scouts travelled to the coastal campsite at Sattahip, where they joined the 30,000 other Scouts from all over the world for an amazing new year celebration.

The Scouts enjoyed a hectic programme of cultural exchange, physical challenge, community service and celebration.

Tom’s father Brian Biffin, assistant leader with 29th Odiham Scouts, said somehow Tom made time to send him an e-mail on January 3.

Part of it said: “It’s flipping hot here. I’m having a great time sweating approximately six litres a day.

“I’m sorry I was cut off last night but I only had a 100 baht phone card which gave me three minutes. I am torn between coming back and staying here, cos it is so great either way!”

After the closing ceremony and a breathtaking firework display, it was time to dismantle the shelters and take down the tents.

The Fleet Scouts then spent a few days with a Scouting family in Tokyo.

Tom sent his family another e-mail, part of which read: “It is my second day in Japan and already I have been to one of those restaurants with the conveyor belts and the food going round it. I found out how they work — there are different coloured plates going round and on the wall there is a code, which tells you how much the plates costs.”

Tom’s last e-mail said the boys were preparing for a 33-hour day ahead of them and were looking forward to coming home.

It also said: “I don’t think I have ever been to a country that is so unique.

“As we were walking through Yokohama it struck me how unique the place was. It was like nothing I have ever been to before.”

David, Tom and Mark, who had to raise £2,500 each to make the trip, would like to thank everyone in and around Fleet who helped them raise the money and make the trip possible.