A MAGNIFICENT mongrel from Fleet is in line to walk off with a prestigious canine crown on September 7.

Sebastian has reached the final of the RSPCA Dog of the Year competition.

The loveable pooch will be up against scores of other dogs from around the country in a bid to win the event, which is being held at the RSPCA's Leybourne Animal Centre in Kent.

More than 90 heats have been held nationwide to find the winner of this year's competition — the largest national show exclusively for cross-breed dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Organisers stress the event is not a beauty contest and the finalists have been chosen for their personality and relationship with their owner.

Five lucky mutts will walk away with a variety of prizes while the overall winner will receive a special hand-made coat embroidered with 'RSPCA Dog of the Year'.

Sebastian will travel to the show with owner Paula Kent, 35, of Barford Close, Fleet.

"Seb is a Blue Merle Collie cross but we don't know what he's crossed with — a couch potato, probably." she said.

"We got him from the Windsor branch of Battersea Dogs Home.

"He was picked up off the streets of London and was in rehab for two months with dominance and aggression problems.

"He was just so terrified of other dogs.

"He was trying to be big and bold but really he was a big girl's blouse.

"His nickname is Nice But Dim because he had no personality when he came to us.

"Battersea knew I was looking for another dog and knew he would be a perfect match for Jasper, another Battersea dog I already had.

"Seb is an absolute star. He's just such a nice, caring dog and is brilliant company.

"If I or my partner is sick he won't leave the bottom of the bed. He always gives each of us a kiss goodnight.

"He has taken a liking to socks and collects all the laundry and puts it in the basket.

"He does anything he can to please people.

"You can take him anywhere and do anything with him.

"He loves coming to the pub with us. He's such a class clown.

"Seb and Jasper are brilliant for each other — we call them the terrible twins.

"Jasper had been abused badly and had major behavioural problems. He really was terrified of people.

"They are a perfect match because Seb being so mellow has helped Jasper so much."

Paula Kent is pictured with Sebastian.