A drummer who has given lessons to youngsters in the Aldershot area for 15 years has had a book published containing his top tips for tapping out rhythms.

Matt Dean, 33, has played the drums since he was 10 and now practises and records in his own small studio at his Upper Hale home.

His book, Drumkit Secrets: 52 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Drummer, is intended to help keen drummers reach a high standard by trying out a different technique each week of the year.

The book was released last month by American publisher Scarecrow Press, and follows his previous one called The Drum: A History, which was released in 2011 by the same publisher.

The new book contains tips on how to nail an audition, how to stay healthy on the road, recording tricks and how to overcome stage fright.

“This book is a great tool for any drummer,” said Mr Dean. “Drumming is great fun and also very physical so it keeps people fit.

“Blondie drummer, Clem Burke, was involved in university experiments recently where his heart rate when drumming equalled that of a footballer, so it gets you fit, is a great stress reliever and is lots of fun.”

Mr Dean, who lives with his wife Hannah, 33, and three-and-a-half-year-old son Oliver, makes a living out of being a freelance performer and recording artist as well as teaching and writing articles.

He grew up in Cranmore Lane and then the Manor Park area of Aldershot, attending Beaumont Junior School, and said his first taste of drumming came from having lessons at school at All Hallows Catholic School in Farnham.

He then attended Farnham College and Guildford's Academy of Contemporary Music, where his talent blossomed. In the years that followed, he has performed in local venues such as the West End Centre and Farnham Maltings, as well as the London Palladium, Theatre Royal and at festivals around Europe.

During his career, he has worked with experienced players and producers such as Stuart Epps, who toured with Elton John and Led Zeppelin, guitarist and producer Kevin Armstrong, who has worked with David Bowie and Paul McCartney, as well as One Direction bass guitarist Sandy Beales.

Having a studio in an outbuilding at his home means Mr Dean is able to work with artists across the world – recording drumming passages and sending them via the internet. Mr Dean said, having started out giving lessons at his parents’ home aged 18, he felt fortunate to have developed a career doing something he loved.

“I guess I was lucky in the timing with this book,” he said. “I wrote the first book through having a kid, getting married and getting the house and thought I’m never doing that again.

“The publisher asked if I could write this one and I thought ‘oh, here we go again’, but this one was different as there was less research to do – it was more just writing about what I know.”