A COUPLE in their 90s had a narrow escape after part of the roof fell in at Aldershot's Wellington Shopping Centre.

Amazingly, both Bill and Emily Broadhead escaped injury when they were showered with glass after an atrium window shattered above the centre's main escalator. But 93-year-old Emily, of Gillian Avenue, Aldershot, was left badly shaken by the incident which happened last Saturday afternoon.

Staff from Boots took her into their shop and comforted her until she felt well enough to return home.

"They were very good and I'm really grateful to them," said Emily on Monday. "It was a bit of a shock to have the window cave in above us. The glass went into smithereens and covered the floor all around us. We didn't know what was happening."

Bill, who fought with the Eighth Army in the Second World War, said they were lucky not to have been hit full on by the glass. "If we'd been a bit further to the right we'd have been in the middle of it," said the 95-year-old ex-Desert Rat. I heard a sort of roar and then all the stuff fell down. It was quite frightening."

But Bill soon shrugged off the incident. "I worked in bomb disposal during my time in the army," he said. "When you've done that sort of work you can cope with almost anything."

Wellington Centre manager Chris Churchley said it was a mystery why the window had shattered.

He said a glazier had been unable to find any faults with the structure, and CCTV tapes had failed to pinpoint any evidence of vandalism.

"I'm afraid it's looking as though we'll never know for certain why it happened," he continued.

Mr Churchley added: "Thankfully Mr and Mrs Broadhead weren't seriously hurt. I've written them a letter and sent Mrs Broadhead a bouquet of flowers."