TERESA and John Stratton, owners of Tudorwood Guest House, discovered that their new sign had been stolen from outside their Farnborough Road property.

Teresa said: "Someone must have taken it down during the night, although I am surprised we did not see or hear anything.

"Whoever took it must have been careful, as the sign was wired on to an old pub - style post. We also have security lighting and two dogs who normally make a lot of noise if anyone comes onto our property."

The missing Tudorwood Guest House Sign, that cost Teresa and John £300, was only hanging outside Tudorwood Guest House for a matter of weeks. They are offering a reward to anyone able to provide information leading to a conviction of the thief or thieves.

If you have any information, telephone them on 01252 541123, or Farnborough Police Station on 08450 454545.