A PETITION demanding action to stamp out unruly behaviour by teenagers on troubled housing estates in Aldershot is growing momentum, as angry residents say enough is enough.

People living in the Tices Meadow, Parkside and Heronwood estates are so fed up with the vandalism and gang culture of recent months, they are determined to make a stand.

With more than 500 signatures to date, they hope the petition will show the depth of feeling and will force the authorities into action.

Peter Sandy, chairman of the Parkside, Tices and Heronwood Residents Association, said something had to be done about anti-social behaviour.

He claimed: “I know one man who regularly has four kids playing around on his garage roof at night.

“Then you’ve got a group who deliberately set out to block the toilets in the park down the road.”

He said rival groups of 20 to 30 teenagers were intent on making people’s lives a misery with their street brawls, vandalism and intimidation.

Last week the windows of Andover Stores, Andover Way, were smashed for the third time.

He said he called on the police, Rushmoor Council and Pavilion Housing Association to do something.

Peter Sandy added: “Pavilion have got to do something. They’ve got to chuck them (unruly tenants) out and make an example of them or it’s just going to carry on.

“The police aren’t targeting them enough and following them up. Everyone knows who they are.”

He also said Rushmoor Council has a part to play too. He thinks that introducing better leisure facilities would keep youngsters out of trouble.

“They should be providing play areas for the kids,” he said.

“If they’ve got the facilities there’s no excuse.

They’ve been asking for a skateboard park for months.

“They’ve got one in Farnborough, so why can’t they have one here? The one in Manor Park is too far for them to go to.”

Peter Sandy hopes to have more than 1,000 signatures when he presents the petition to Rushmoor Council later this month.

He said the response so far from residents has been very positive.