Back by popular demand Dr Who actor, Colin Baker opened Sci-Fi week at Farnborough’s Princes Mead shopping centre on Tuesday for a second time.

The sixth Dr Who, who graced our TV screens back in the Eighties, arrived in style on the Batmobile joined by Batman and Robin.

This is the fourth year that the shopping centre has held a Sci-Fi week, which has attracted an increasing number of people each year.

Gary Little, centre manager of Princes Mead, said: “I thought of the idea originally because Sci-Fi is very popular so I always believed it would work well if it was made accessible to the pubic.”

There are lots of new activities this year as well as some of the old favourites. There is an Xbox game with four pods, installed in the centre, where up to eight people compete against each other for free. The game records the scores and the eight fastest will be invited to take part in the final on Saturday to win the new Moto GP computer game.

On Saturday, there will also be paint a spaceship competition, a double-decker bus from the Only Fools and Horses TV set with Del boy’s bar on the lower deck and lots of props, as well as stalls selling sci-fi memorabilia and comics.