LAST night my wife and I watched the Pride of Britain Awards on TV.

We watched humble children and adults receive awards for personal fights against illnesses, acts of courage, bravery and compassion towards others. We were very proud to be British.

I recall watching, through my tears, a little girl who was born with her heart the wrong way round.

Her wonderful smile really got to me. She was raising cash for a children's hospice in Scotland.

I recall a devoted nurse who was making the lives of asthma sufferers better by a new technique involving breathing exercises.

Cash was required to fund research. So dedicated was she that she sold her house for £55,000 to fund this research.

I recall a headteacher who turned a poorly performing school around by her devotion and dedication.

I recall the words "begged local businesses for computers". Last night, her begging for a minibus from a well known person paid off. She got her minibus.

I also recall reading in a national newspaper recently that £3.5billion of Lottery money was earning £140million a year in tax-free interest instead of being given to deserving causes.

Something seems wrong somewhere.

Humphrey Marlow, Highfield Close, Aldershot.