IT WAS a case of déjà vu at Rushmoor Council last week when members threw out plans for a school sports hall for a second time.

Councillors were presented with a second blueprint for a new hall at the Farnborough Hill school — almost exactly the same as plans they had rejected last month.

In March, members considered plans for a hall to replace tennis courts near the main school exit, only yards from the A325.

They criticised both the siting and design of the building, and asked planners to look at other possible sites around the school.

However, after a review of potential sites, the design team said that it wanted to push ahead with the original position.

Cllr Patrick Kirby said he was disappointed the applicant had not taken the opportunity to address the issues raised by members.

“We seem to have nothing more than a dressing down from people representing the governors of the school.

“I thought that the opportunity would be taken to address the concerns that we made, but instead they have complained that this committee got it wrong and argued why the application was right in the first place,” he added.

The school lies in a designated conservation area and is regarded in the council local plan as an important open area.

Many of the councillors said they fully supported the idea of improved educational sports facilities.

Cllr Neville Dewey said: “I accept the school has a need for a sports hall but I am sad we have the same application in front of us.

“We are looking at one of the few important open spaces in the borough.

“I would support an application for a sports hall in a less intrusive position. This building is going to sit and glare.”

Farnborough Road resident Paul Gregory was among those who raised concerns over the original application.

He said he was surprised that the application had been resubmitted in the original location and without significant design changes.

“It’s good news that the councillors have turned away the application again.

“I never wanted to stop them building a sports hall, I was simply objecting to where they wanted it.

“I am pleased that the councillors took on board the situation.

“When they showed the computer generated image of what the hall would look like, it showed exactly how much it would ruin the landscape,” he added.

Farnborough Hill headteacher Jacqueline Thomas was unavailable for comment.