After receiving legal threats from a Premier League football club over use of team logos, Fleet Spurs has received another setback.

The club, based at Kennels Lane, Southwood, was faced with a clear-up operation last week after a number of trees were damaged in bad weather and had to be cut down in the grounds.

There has also been broken roof tiles and flooding in the clubhouse – more fall-out from the recent stormy weather.

The repairs are yet another financial setback for the club, which had to produce new signs, kits and match programmes after Premiership giants Tottenham Hotspur said the Fleet club’s logos were too similar to theirs.

Of the latest troubles, Bryan Sheppard, chairman of Fleet Spurs, said: “Some trees were taken down in the car park and all the branches and a load of debris flew on to the training area and the driveway.

“We would have to pay to have the branches removed but we can’t afford that so we are going to have them cut up instead and we will give the logs away free and hopefully in November residents can use them for their bonfires.”

Last November, Mr Sheppard was threatened with legal action by the top London club, which told Fleet Spurs FC to change its cockerel crest.

Mr Sheppard said: “The logo was a huge setback. We had no option but to change it. There was lots of correspondence but the long and short of it is they thought we were a marketing threat, which is ridiculous.”

It was estimated the logo redesign would cost the club £3,000 to £4,000, but Mr Sheppard is unsure how much the club has had to spend.

“We had to get all the signs redone and we are doing the kit now,” he said.

“The whole club has had to be changed – tracksuits, jackets, the lot. It’s never going to stop until the last bit of kit gets thrown out and everything is replaced.

“It’s an ongoing thing so I don’t know how much it is costing overall,” he said.

The club is now appealing for sponsorship and donations from local businesses and residents as it tries to cope with these costly financial setbacks.

The club is asking for player sponsorship, match day sponsorship and programme sponsors.

It is also hoping to secure income from businesses looking for advertising.

Mr Sheppard said: “Quite a lot of clubs use this facility so we’re really trying to put it out to the local community and bring more people in, but it’s a struggle at the moment.

“We want to spread a positive message, particularly among young people and provide a facility for them.”

Anyone wishing to help can contact the club at