RUSHMOOR'S "spy" camera chief has quit amid reports that the police were unhappy at the way the system was being operated.

Dawn Cox resigned as manager of the borough's new CCTV system after complaints that bobbies on the beat were allegedly not being fed adequate information by her team.

Matters came to a head after Coun. David Clifford had spent a night with officers patrolling Aldershot's streets.

During his stint he found himself joining in a dramatic search for a man armed with a meat cleaver.

"It was soon obvious that the officers weren't getting the necessary help from those in the CCTV centre," he said.

"They were continually having to ask for information rather than being kept in the picture about where the man had gone."

The villain escaped capture, leaving Coun Clifford annoyed at the way the officers had been left chasing shadows. He later complained to Rushmoor Council chief executive Andrew Lloyd.

Mr Lloyd declined to discuss the reasons for Dawn Cox's resignation, but added: "It's fair to say that the police had expressed concerns about the level of communication and co-operation they had received from the CCTV control room."

He said it was crucial that the two sides worked in partnership if the £500,000 street surveilance system was to work satisfactorily.

"I would just like to pay tribute to the excellent job Dawn Cox did in setting it up," said Mr Lloyd. "It was quite a challenge."

The fully digital system, which is linked to 63 cameras, was officially launched two weeks ago.

Dawn Cox could not be contacted as the Star went to press.