SOUTH Farnborough Junior School has been highly praised by Ofsted inspectors following a considerable improvement in its teaching standards.

The report said the quality of teaching was "overwhelmingly good" and praised headteacher Lynne Smith, stating: "The school is very well led.

"The headteacher provides clear direction for the school and has a very good vision for the development of the moderate learning difficulties base, the management of which at the present time is sound."

The school has an above average number of pupils with special educational needs, who have a "good level of support" from teaching assistants, ensuring they progress well in lessons.

The report continued: "No teaching was judged to be unsatisfactory. Staff are knowledgeable, have high expectations and manage the pupils very well.

"Teachers motivate and encourage all pupils by careful, well-judged praise and by valuing their contributions."

Ofsted also recognised the rise of teaching standards in all subjects, particularly English, mathematics and science.

"There has been very good improvement at the school since the last inspection in June 1997. Standards are now above average.

"The majority of pupils make very good progress across the school."

But the inspectors said the school needs to improve its computer systems to support whole class teaching and learning.

Mrs Smith said: "As a school we are extremely pleased that all our hard work and achievements have been recognised.

"As headteacher I am extremely proud of South Farnborough Junior School and this report reflects the dedication and commitment of everyone, children and adults alike."

Lynne Smith (front) and deputy head Jenny Byrne are pictured celebrating with pupils.