THE organisers of an off-road motorcycle training day in Crowthorne this Sunday have urged experienced motor cross riders to stay away and let the beginners have a go.

Colin Boniface from Auto Cycle Union issued the statement following an overwhelming response from people hoping to use the site at Butter Hill as a motor cross practise track.

He said: "Running the event is an experiment to see whether off-road motorcycles can be ridden on the forest area without causing inconvenience to others or disturbing the wildlife.

"The organisers also wish to combat the misconceived idea that anybody can turn up and ride.

"If you have your own bike and have not pre-registered for a training session you may not be able to ride so please arrive early.

"This day was primarily aimed at the local under-18s (accompanied by parent or legal guardian) who wish to enter

the sport, and to obtain basic training

in the skills and safety awareness required."

He added, a "responsible" attitude on the day may lead to further events and reduce the problems locally.

For more information about the event contact Colin Boniface on 07785 296316.