WITH reference to your front page story regarding Tesco's plans to appeal against the council's decision to refuse planning application for their proposed expansion.

They say that this will create 100 new jobs in our area. What a joke — they can't even staff the current store. It is a shambles and an absolute disgrace.

Every week that goes by it gets worse and worse. They may say that this is due to the Christmas rush, but in fact the store has been in a very sorry state for many months.

I suggest that if they can't keep the shelves stocked they should scrap their 24hr opening policy.

Amongst the basic items not available to me on my visit last Saturday December 15 were sugar, cat food, crisps, canned spaghetti, own brand margarine I could go on and on.

I have many friends who work in the store, and I believe at one point they were turning away their own delivery lorries because they didn't have the space in the warehouse to put the goods. Complaints to management seem to fall on deaf ears.

Working in a town centre myself even I have to listen to complaints from our customers about Tesco.

Once I have spent my clubcard vouchers, which I always save for Christmas, I will be taking my custom elsewhere, namely Sainsbury's Water Lane, where the shelves are almost always stocked, and if something is missing at least you can find members of staff on the shop floor to help you.

— MA Weir, Gillian Avenue. Aldershot.