So here we go again, a Labour government and the public sector workers at it again, causing stress and concern to everyone. Strike, strike and more strikes.

They are never satisfied with their easy, well paid jobs; half of them do not know what work is. In fact a good day's work would kill them.

First it's teachers threatening strike action (half of them haven't a clue about teaching). Then we have council employees, police (has anyone seen one lately?) grumbling about stress; then it's the underground drivers; then main line train drivers; and now it's firemen (some of whom have not been to a fire in 12 months).

If these people are not satisfied with their lot, let them get out into the real world and find how hard it is to earn a crust.

These public sector workers want to remember that they are paid out of taxpayers' hard-earned cash. They themselves earn nothing for the economy and I'm sure if we looked closely into their workload, we wouldn't need half of them (because their jobs are created to reduce the unemployment total).

Message to all union leaders - get off your backsides, stop shouting your mouths off and let the public rest in peace and quiet for a change.

Most of all, if the stressed workers go on strike, make sure they do not receive any benefit from the taxpayer whatsoever. They get enough already.

W. Leah, Guildford Road, Fleet.