DILIGENT pupils at Edgbarrow School in Crowthorne have been learning to juggle hard work and success.

Year 11 students enjoyed time off from schoolwork to learn how juggling can help them train their brains to retain more.

The unusual skill taught the students, who are now busy preparing for their coming GCSEs, just how quickly they can improve their success rate - even when learning something they have no knowledge or experience of.

Robin Lee, head of year, said: "It has been a tremendously successful positive day. We now hope the students will put into practice the knowledge they have gained, so they can be proud of their achievements in this summer's examinations."

Headteacher Robert Elsey said: "The day was intended to inspire the students to prepare more effectively for their GCSEs.

"At the same time the students learn a little more about themselves and develop a life-skill in an enjoyable, entertaining way."