HERE'S Hart's entry in this year's reach for the sky sunflower race.

The four grandchildren of Hart Housing Association gardening winner Keith Crumplin were also being presented with prizes this week for the sunflowers they planted in his Yateley garden in Manor Park Drive.

The cousins took first and second prize with the top entry measuring in at 13ft 4 ins. The only problem, according to Keith, is that each of the four has laid claim to the winner! Amy Vokes (6), Lee Vokes (3), Zoë Paine (7) and Andrew Payne (9) all live in Farnborough.

Picture: The skyscraper of garden flowers towers over Keith Crumplin and his four grandchildren - Lee Vokes (3), Amy Vokes (6), Zoe Payne (7) and, at the top, Andrew Payne (9).