JEANETTE Graham celebrated her retirement from Cove Pavilion last week after offering her services tirelessly to the pre-school for 26 years.

Mrs Graham, who worked as supervisor, was met with a surprise party to thank her for all her efforts over the years.

Mrs Graham, who is 59 years old, said: "It was absolutely wonderful. I had a brilliant time.

"It was just so lovely to see so many people come out to say goodbye.

"I was really overwhelmed."

Cove Pavilion is also a registered charity and Mrs Graham has put years of time and energy into raising funds so that children could go on excursions and enjoy other extra-curricular activities.

Suzanne Parsons, who has worked as joint supervisor with Mrs Graham, said: "She was a very special person in the children's lives.

"She is just such a lovely lady, she made every child feel very special when they walked through that door.

"She made them feel that they were a part of her family.

"The party was a huge surprise for her and I think she is quite a shy person, but it was lovely.

"Her family were there and her husband has also played a very active part at the pre-school.

"He was always our Father Christmas every year and was always doing things around the place.

"I said to him it will be nice to be able to eat a yoghurt without wondering if he was supposed to save the pot for the children.

"She really has left a big hole at the school and she will be a very tough act to follow."