TACKLING the problem of noisy, nuisance neighbours could soon be easier thanks to a new scheme by Rushmoor Council.

As part of Noise Action Day, the council has revealed plans to use its website to help residents tackle the increasing problem.

Last year the council received 421 complaints about noisy neighbours, including unbearably loud music and all-night DIY.

Neil Luckett, Rushmoor's health education officer, said the aim of the scheme was to encourage people to take action before things go from bad to worse.

"Everybody makes noise but excessive noise can reduce the quality of life and make people's lives a misery.

"We need to educate and inform noise makers and sufferers about how to reduce noise."

Rushmoor has no legal powers to take action against some noises, including aircraft noise, rowdy behaviour and traffic noise — but it can help with complaints about other noise nuisances.

According to Mr Luckett, in most cases the best solution to a noise problem is a friendly, considerate approach by those involved.

He said: "We want to help the public take control of noise nuisance in their own way first, before getting involved in serious legal or local authority enforcement procedures."

To coincide with the school summer holidays, people will soon be able to gain access to a range of useful information on www.rushmoor.gov.uk.

The printable pages will include diary sheets to keep a record of the noise problem, a friendly noise complaint letter and an online complaint form.

The information will be online from the end of July, but for help before then call the noise team on 01252 398177.