Bus users will no longer have to wait in a muddy ditch as a dozen bus stops in South Farnborough have undergone a £20,000 revamp.

Tarmac has replaced grass verges at bus stops in Canterbury Road, Woburn Avenue and Ship Lane so people have a dry place to stand when waiting for the bus.

And new poles and flags have been installed to make using public transport more “user-friendly” in Rushmoor.

County councillor John Wall, who represents Farnborough South, said: “There were bus stops without anywhere for people to stand.

"Updating them means commuters do not have to paddle in a muddy verge. I am hoping it will make using the bus more attractive in wet and windy weather.”

Cllr Wall has been campaigning to update the bus stop network for two years and was pleased 12 stops had been refurbished.

He said he was concentrating on “little wins” to make huge differences to the community.

“Projects like the bus stops are not massive schemes that take months or years to complete or hundreds of thousands of pounds to implement,” he said.

“They are projects that can be done quickly if the money is there.

“Moving bus stops is easy, it does not take a lot of effort, but if you are a senior citizen who is fed up of getting your heel stuck in the mud, little things make a big difference.

“It also means a lot for mothers with children in buggies. If we can encourage people to use the bus, that’s good news because it reduces congestion. We also have to remember those people who do not have cars and who rely on buses.”

Funding for the scheme was achieved through developer contributions from the Farnborough town access plan. The plan was developed by the county council with Rushmoor Borough Council to improve access to facilities and services within Farnborough.

The project is almost complete. Yellow road markings still need to be painted at some of the stops and a new bench at The Grove will soon be installed.

“There used to be a plastic perch at the southbound bus stop but it has been taken away as it was very old,” Cllr Wall said.

“It is fairly easy to add more benches at various stops in the future if they are needed, but the main thing was to make sure bus users had a dry route from the footpath to the kerb.”