by John Walton

A 19-year-old Farnborough man who hanged himself from a mobile crane at work might not have intended to die the Coroner, Mr Andrew Bradley, said at an inquest in Basingstoke on Tuesday.

Mr Bradley said no note had been left, so he recorded an open verdict on Jamie Campbell, of Pinewood Park, Cove. Mr Campbell was found hanging from a crane strop inside a large tank on which he was working at Pims Pumps in Invincible Road, Farnborough, on January 15. Colleagues tried to resuscitate him as did ambulance men, but he was certified dead at Frimley Park Hospital.

His colleague Darren Plested had said that Jamie "seemed to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders" and did not see eye to eye with his father. He had talked of moving up north or going to Spain.

Jamie's father Richard said his son did not think a great deal of himself.

"He did not realise how much everybody else thought of him -he was just a lovely young man," he said. He did not think his son had meant to kill himself.

The Coroner said that Jamie had tremendous feelings of a lack of self worth. He saw himself as put away by his parents and his girlfriend.

"That is not how it is at all and he has a loving and caring family," Mr Bradley added.