An 18-year-old had a lucky escape when his neck was impaled on a tree branch after being chased by angry bees.

Jack Stark, from Honeysuckle Close in Yateley, was left with blood spurting from a hole in his neck following the accident and was later told by doctors that his wound was close to his jugular vein.

The Yateley College student said the accident still seemed surreal to him and that it had only recently sunk in how close he came to a life-threatening injury.

“I certainly won’t be going anywhere near any bees any time soon,” he said.

Mr Stark said he had finished his shift working at Waitrose on March 9 and was walking and chatting with his friends when one of them was chased by a bee.

“It was funny at first, so we were all laughing," he said. "A couple of them ran off because of the bees and we were just watching them. That was when lots of them started coming out of the bushes and flying at us.

“I turned to run and I didn’t realise there was a tree right behind me and as I turned I hit it and a sharp branch just punctured my neck.

“At first I started laughing as I got up, because it was pretty funny that I had run into a tree, but then I saw the looks on my friends’ faces.

“One of them just pointed and said ‘you’ve got a big hole in your neck’ and told me that there was blood spurting out of it.

“The strange thing is it didn’t hurt that much. I got knocked over but I had no idea what had happened.”

The group immediately tried to stem the bleeding and headed back to Mr Stark’s house, which was just around the corner.

“We actually came across a couple of people who work for the Red Cross, who were parked outside their house,” he said. “I went over to them and I showed them the wound and they told me that it looked serious and I would need to go to the hospital.

“I can’t really remember what happened after that as I was struggling to remain conscious.”

Mr Stark was taken by ambulance to Frimley Park Hospital, where he was given a CT scan and a chest x-ray, and doctors told him that the wound was withing millimetres of his jugular.

He was joined by his girlfriend Maisie, his brother Daniel and his parents Ian and Fiona.

He said: “I’m back at home now and I have a pretty big bandage on. It hurts a lot when I move, but things certainly could have been worse.”

His father said: “We are certainly relieved that Jack is all right. By all accounts things could have been far worse than they were.”

Jack added: “The one thing I will take away from this thing is a cool scar.”