A FARNBOROUGH teenager who decided to take a short cut across the A331 Blackwater Valley Relief Road was killed when a car struck him, an inquest heard last week.

Fourteen-year-old Tiago Monteiro was with two friends when he decided to cross the busy road with tragic consequences.

Tiago’s Portuguese mother and father were joined by his older brother and sister at his inquest at Alton Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Coroner Andrew Bradley heard how it was on December 1 last year when Tiago, who lived at Caswell Close, and two friends, Jason Parry and Craig Milist returned by train from an afternoon in Guildford.

The boys had left Frimley railway station to walk back to Farnborough when Tiago decided that he would cut across the busy Blackwater Valley Relief Road rather than use a nearby bridge.

Both Jason and Craig said they had tried to dissuade Tiago, but when they realised he was adamant they followed.

Witness Michaela Jennings recalled how she was driving in the middle lane at about 5.30pm and had seen a boy’s silhouette dart across the southbound road.

“I saw ahead of me a lad run from the near side of the carriageway,” she said.

“Being a mother myself I thought there’s bound to be other children with him.”

Describing how she had seen the other two boys crouched at the edge of the road, as if about to start a sprint race, she said: “I remember in my mind thinking to tell them ‘just stay there’.”

She recounted how, in the rear-view mirror, she saw the other two crossing the road.

It was as Tiago went to cross the northbound carriageway that he was struck by a red Rover, driven by Fernando Pires, who coincidentally was also Portuguese, as he drove home from Aldershot to Slough.

The court heard from Pc Alan Price how, after hitting Tiago, Mr Pires lost control of his car, careering into the crash barrier.

Pires then ricocheted into a white Mercedes van before bouncing back across the road, hitting the barrier a second time before coming to a halt 150 metres later.

Concluding, Pc Price said: “This tragic loss of life was the consequence of a pedestrian crossing the dual carriageway in a totally inappropriate place.”

Tiago’s mother, overcome with grief, was led from the court by her daughter, as the boy’s injuries were described.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, north east Hampshire coroner, Mr Bradley, said: “It’s futile to think what was going on in a 14-year-old’s mind before a moment like that.

“Nothing goes on in a 14 year-old’s mind other than what they are going to do, and nothing’s ever going to change that.”

“To us here in Alton this afternoon, it seems absolute folly to do that.”

Turning to the family at the end of the hearing, he asked whether there was anything he could do for them.

Comforting her mother, Tiago’s sister asked Mr Bradley if he could “turn the clock back”.

“I am a powerful man,” he said, “but I cannot do that.”