LITTER louts in Rushmoor and Yateley have been urged by local MP Gerald Howarth to clean up their act.

He said people who dropped sweet wrappings and other rubbish in the street were hitting council taxpayers in the pocket.

If the culprits agreed to mend their ways, he said, then the borough council could save money on its annual £750,000 rubbish collection budget.

"Litter disfigures our towns and countryside, and those who thoughtlessly drop it should be exposed for the dirty people they are," Mr Howarth continued.

"We need to instil a sense of civic pride in our residents, and this can best be achieved by parents setting an example to their children."

He also called on residents to challenge anyone they see dropping litter in the streets or in the countryside.

Mr Howarth made his remarks as a Clean-Up Litter campaign got underway last Saturday. Accompanied by Tory councillors and others, he spent the morning picking up litter in Farnborough, Aldershot and Yateley.

Picture: MP Gerald Howarth and Tory councillors set out on a litter pick from a pub in Yateley, collecting rubbish dropped by numbskulls.