Teens were challenged to solve some scientific problems at a day hosted by Qinetiq, formerly DERA.

Some 120 14-year-olds from ten Hampshire schools took part and grappled with 16 tasks, some based on TV quiz shows like Crystal Maze and Mastermind.

Teams were asked to build a paper airplane and got points for the longest time in the air and the distance flown. They also had to design a Roman-style catapult to launch tennis balls at a target.

A third challenge was to sort a pile of rubbish into different types of material for recycling.

Winning teams received book vouchers and a book on aviation.The event was held at Qinetiq's Pyestock site, so youngsters got a chance to see where some of the finest scientists in the world work.

Qinetiq (pronounced like kinetic) provided lunch and donated four computers and printers used during the event to Calthorpe Park School, Fleet.