Like it or not, the townhouse is making a big comeback.

With the government demanding that large numbers of homes are built, developers are increasingly turning to three-storey townhouses as a way of providing extra living space in towns.

Georgian townhouses first became popular in Britain in the late 18th century and many were built in Victorian times as well, but styles changed in the 1920s.

A new development of three and four bedroom townhouses has attracted massive interest at The Willows development in Aldershot, off Blackwater Way, and unless a few buyers pull out, all the properties are sold.

David Reed, Marketing Manager of developers Fairview New Homes, said: "Today's buyers appreciate an extra storey."

The three bed models at The Willows were priced from £225,000 (sales number is 01252 330 942). A showhouse is still open, but it too is sold. Sales rep John Garrett said people are welcome to come and have a look and perhaps pick up brochures for other sites. Or you can check out all the firm's sites on