A man was spotted in and around Aldershot on Wednesday sporting what appears to be a white colander on his head.

It seems the man may have gone on quite a journey around the town after he was pictured in three separate locations going about his business.

But despite his grey coat, it's unlikely his head wear would have given him much protection from the elements on what was a drizzly afternoon in Aldershot.

The first picture to surface of the man showed him clutching a drink of some kind while waiting around at Aldershot bus station.

Snapper Naomi Lyons posted the picture on Twitter at 3.53pm before adding in a subsequent tweet explaining that the colander had cost the man £8.99.

A little later, he was seen outside Leaders Estate Agent in Victoria Road surrounded by a group of people, including a police officer. Hampshire Constabulary have not yet confirmed what was discussed with the man.

A picture capturing the scene was posted on Twitter by Jessica Rose Dixon at 5.06pm while she was driven past the agency.

Connor McGovern tweeted a third picture of what would appear to be the same man, again wearing the colander on his head.

"I have been reliably informed that while I've been abroad, it's business as usual in Aldershot," he wrote.

Mr McGovern added the picture was taken in Ash Road on Wednesday afternoon and was sent to him by a friend.

"It is Aldershot, after all," he said.

A colander, however, is far from the most outlandish piece of headwear imaginable, especially when you compare it to some of Princess Eugenie's millinery choices.

In fact, the colander has become a symbol of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a US-led movement encouraging a light-hearted view of religion, while opposing creationism.

Its practitioners, most commonly known as pastafarians, are renowned for wearing colanders on their heads as a symbol of their chosen path.

The so-called flying spaghetti monster was first alluded to in 2005 in a letter written to Kansas State Education Board protesting the teaching of intelligent design as opposed to evolution.