MEAN thieves have deprived a mentally handicapped youngster of his only pleasure by stealing his mountain bike.

The theft at Frimley has left 16-year-old Lee Cole heartbroken. "He can't understand what's going on," said his mother, Suzanne.

"He misses the bike so much. I bought it for him last Christmas and it was his pride and joy.

"His only pleasure was going for a ride with his brother around the estate."

The villains also took an identical machine belonging to Lee's younger brother, Luke, aged 11.

Both red Apollo mountain bikes, together worth £280, had been left padlocked together on the driveway of their home in Middlemoor Road.

The brothers were indoors with their mother when the thieves struck sometime between 2pm and 2.45pm on Wednesday last week.

Mrs Cole said: "They were propped against a wall and we didn't hear a thing."

The theft was discovered when Luke said he was going for a ride, and then discovered the bike wasn't there.

Efforts to track down the machines, which were not insured, have so far failed.

Mrs Cole said: "I hope that whoever took these bikes finds it in their heart to return them. Lee would be so happy, and so would Luke for that matter."

If anyone has information about the whereabouts of the bikes they can ring Mrs Cole on 01276 500951.