GOLFERS in the Camberley area are being warned to be on their guard for thieves who have struck three times in the past week.

Two of the thefts were at Camberley Heath golf club where two sets of clubs were stolen in separate car break-ins.

One of the vehicles, a Mondeo, was left unattended for only 10 minutes - but that was enough time for the villains to take a set of clubs, worth £1500, from under a blanket in the rear footwell.

The other set of clubs was stolen, during the same period, from the boot of an Audi A4. In both cases the gang got into the cars by smashing a window.

Police believe the same thieves were responsible for stealing another set of golf clubs, valued at £1500, from an Alfa Romeo at a golf club at Windlesham.

A Camberley police spokeswoman said: "We believe these thieves are keeping watch and waiting for an opportunity to break into cars."