HUNGRY deer have made a meal of an Aldershot couple's picturesque garden.

They sneaked into the garden overnight and tucked into almost every bloom in sight. Diego and Jenny Dal Bello woke up to find the unwelcome intruders had feasted on their pansies, busy lizzies, lupins, Michaelmas daisies and other flowers.

The deer also pulled lobelia from pots outside the front door of their Amberley Grange home, but didn't like the taste and left it strewn on the ground.

"After all the work we've put in it's very disappointing to see the damage they've caused," said Jenny.

"But both Diego and I are animal lovers, and we don't want the deer harmed in any way."

It's the second time in recent years that their garden has been invaded by deer which live in nearby Rowhill Copse.

On the first occasion they ate the couple's display of roses. "We gave up growing roses after that," said Jenny.

They are now desperately seeking ways to protect their open plan garden from the deer.

Diego has heard that the smell of lions' dung acts as a deterrent - but he's got no intention of ordering the real stuff from a zoo.

"We're investigating to see if the story's true, and if there's an essence available which has the same smell," said Jenny.