MP Gerald Howarth claims to have exposed a hidden Liberal Democrat agenda to get rid of all church schools.

He says: "This could be the last Easter for Hampshire's church schools if the Liberal Democrats were allowed to implement their plans to abolish faith schools across the country.

"The cat is out of the bag," he said. "In their own words, Liberal Democrats want to abolish church schools, like St Joseph's in Aldershot, St Bernadette's in Farnborough and St Peter's CE Junior School in Yateley, despite their excellent academic record.

"Repeated pronouncements from the Liberal Democrats show their hostility to Christian and other faith schools and reveal their covert agenda of suppressing diversity in our schools and restricting parental choice.

"Our popular Christian schools could just be celebrating their last Easter."

His evidence is a dossier of recent Lib Dem statements exposing "a high level agenda to abolish faith schools."

Quotes from high level Liberals include:

"I would really like all schools to be secular." (Jenny Tonge, MP)

"There are members and MPs who would wish to see a phasing out of faith schools altogether." (leaked document)

""Existing…faith-based schools should be weaned out of the system…through secularisation or replacement…" (policy motion passed by Lib Dem youth and students at 2001 conference)

"It is important…to move away from faith-based admissions policies. I have seen them do no good." (Simon Hughes, Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesman)

"The way children are segregated in schools does not provide them with a basis for living in a multicultural society." (Phil Willis, Lib Dem education spokesman)